Regret ‘Putting A Ring On It’? Watch This Quick Video To Find Out How To Remove It!


We’ve all been there haven’t we?  Maybe it’s your own or you’re trying on a friends?  But how many times have you gone to take off a ring and it just won’t budge?  You try and try but your efforts are only making it worse.  Of course you could try using soap or water but let’s face it, that never works.  Instead you should be following Dave Hax’s awesome trick that will get that ring off in a heartbeat!

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Keeping Their Eyes On You! Make A Spooky Eyeball Wreath For Less Than $5


I love Halloween.  It’s always a fun time of the year. This year I’m more than a little swamped with things to do.  I hadn’t plan to do any kind of DIY for Halloween but the fates conspired or inspired me when I found myself, yet again, in a dollar store.

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I Make Stuff Because If I Don’t I’ll Go Crazy! A Smarter DIYs T-shirt!


I love making things.  I love learning how to make things.  After years of sharing so many fun things to make on SmarterDIYs I finally decided it was time to create a t-shirt that explains why I love DIY so much.  And for me, DIY is a way to preserve my sanity.   Introducing PollyKate Designs!*  This is just one of my new t-shirt designs that are available on Amazon.  People love this t-shirt!

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3 Odd Home Décor DIYs That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing (Video)


What do toilet paper rolls, tongue depressors and army men have in common?  All of them can be turned into home décor that you, your family and your guests will love.  Following the suggestions of Andy of Mist8k in his short video, you’ll see how easy it is to make these odd things become something you’ll be proud to make and share.

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Duct Tape And A Knife – All You Need For An Open Wound Emergency! (Video)


Ever been on a hike, took a fall and needed a quick fix for an open wound?  If you’re prepared, it doesn’t have to be life threatening.  Leon from Survival Common Sense shows you how a steri-strip or butterfly bandage can be created using just a knife and duct tape. This is a stop gap measure to be sure, but if you have an open wound it could make the difference between a fast recovery and a serious infection.

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Stop The Assault! How To Reduce Your Salt Intake With These Simple Tips (Video)


So you’ve found that perfect recipe online, the one you have been searching for non-stop.  You hurry off to the grocery store and run back to your kitchen to get cooking.  You’re beyond excited to taste what will likely be the best meal of your life, but you are instead hit by an overbearing wave of salt which ruins the whole meal.  Sound familiar?  Well, Chef John over at Food Wishes has you covered.  He perfectly explains how to avoid such devastating food disasters in his quick, informative video.

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How To Make Fresh Corn Soup – So Easy – So Good! (Video)


Are you a corn on the cob foodie who loves the taste of nature’s golden treat?  If you are, you’ll love how easy it is to make this recipe for corn soup from Chef John of Food Wishes.  Chef John shares how to make a deliciously simple corn soup using just three ears of corn, a little water and salt.  If you’ve ever wondered what heaven tastes like you’ll know when you try this.

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Stuck Fixing Household Problems All The Time? Your Glue Gun Is Here To Save The Day! (Video)


Remember that glue gun you bought all those years ago for that one project you needed doing?  Well, it turns out it can be used to fix just about any household problem you have!  The guys over at Household Hacker have come up with 10 ingenious ways to make the most of your trusty glue gun, from silencing a loud cupboard to mending a broken button on your shirt.

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How To Make Strawberry Cheesecake Bites (Video)


Fresh strawberries on cheesecake are great dessert no matter what time of year.  If you’ve ever tried making little individual cheesecakes you know it’s tedious.  Fortunately, Joanne of Fifteen Spatulas has created the best, and I really do mean the best, strawberry cheesecake bites you’ve ever seen.  You’ll love Joanne’s incredibly easy to make serving cups and her no-bake recipe!

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How To Make A Group Hammock (Video)


There’s nothing like swinging gently in a hammock on a summer day.  Hammocks are so comfortable you can easily lose track of time. You’ve seen 2 person hammocks, but what if you wanted to share one with your whole family?  You could put up a several different hammocks.  Or you could do what Ben from HomeMadeModern did.  Make one giant hammock that everyone could enjoy.

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She Completely Reorganized Laundry And Pantry Room Combo For $30! (Video)


Ever wondered how you can possibly make more things fit into a space without remodeling?  Sometimes all you need is a new way of looking at what you have and what you need.  In this video from Kathryn of DoItOnaDime, you’ll see how Kathryn helped a friend with a small laundry room/pantry make the most of the limited space and organize her pantry so that everything is easy to find and access.

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How To Make A Pretty And Thoughtful Shower Gift Using Only Dollar Store Products (Video)


Tis the season!  Bridal showers abound!  We’ve all gone through those times when we’re invited to lots of showers in just a few months’ span.  After a while it can be a drain on your budget especially when you’re trying to save a few extra dollars for your vacation – even if it is staycation.  Thankfully, Kathryn of DoItOnaDime shares 2 very cute and sure to be welcomed shower gifts that won’t break your wallet.

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We’ve Been Applying Eye Shadow All Wrong! How To Do It Right And Look Fabulous! (Video)


If you’ve ever tried to make your eye makeup look fantastic only to be disappointed in the end result, perhaps you’ve been making the same mistake that I had been making.  And apparently most of us make this mistake. According to Wayne Goss we all close our eyes as we apply our shadow and this makes it much more difficult to blend.

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Here’s How You Can Wear A Regular Bra With A Backless Top And Look Fabulously Sexy! (Video)


Ever wanted to wear a backless top or dress but you don’t want to go bra-less?  I have.  I’ve seen some techniques for creating an extended back for your bra that wraps around your back at the waist.  But if you don’t anchor that wrap securely you take the chance that it will ride up.  I’m so happy I found this fun video from Spankie Valentine.  Spankie shows you how to camouflage your bra back so that it looks like a fashion accent instead of a fashion faux pas.

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Ever Tried Puffy Tacos? So Good And So Easy To Make! (Video)


Love eating tacos?  I do.  One of our favorite dinners is tacos with a wilted lettuce salad.  So when I saw this puffy taco recipe from Chef John of Food Wishes, I knew I had to share it with you.  This taco can be picked up like any hard shell taco but it’s also a little soft.  And because you lightly break open the top puffy part, you have the perfect cradle to hold all your fillings without having to resort to one of those tacky taco holders to keep everything from falling out.

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How To Make A Hero Mirror (Video)


Do you have a favorite heroine or hero you dream of becoming or perhaps meeting?  While I can’t help you acquire that dream, I am sharing a fun way I’ve come across to feature your favorite hero/heroine in your home.  Andy of Mist8k shows you how he changed a normal looking mirror frame into a fantastic homage to one of his favorite comic heroes.

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Could You Make Nesting Tables If All You Had Was Concrete And Legos? This Guy Did! (Videos)


Do you have Legos?  If you do, you have half of what you need to make a very cool set of nesting tables.  Ben of HomeMadeModern shows you how he created a Lego form and then using kitchen counter grade concrete made these two nesting tables.  Considering how amazing these look you’d never believe how easy they are to make.

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Poison Ivy! How To Stop The Itch Fast AND How To Never Get It Again! (Videos)


Do you get poison ivy?  Whenever I do it always seems to escalate quickly.  Before I know it, it has spread all over.  A few years ago I had so much poison ivy rash on my legs and arms that as I was going through airport security the TSA agents pulled me aside because the rash flagged theirs scanners.  I showed them the rash on my arms and gladly offered to pull up my loose fitting slacks so they could see my legs but they said they’d seen enough, quickly backed away from me and waved me on through.  I had gone to my doctor two days before our trip to get relief from that outbreak.  He proscribed a high powered steroid that did get rid of the itch and eventually the rash but it had the very interesting side effect of speeding my metabolism up so much that I didn’t sleep for over 72 hours.  That was the trip that my husband complimented me on how well packed and prepared we were.

Because of my subsequent high blood pressure and high eye pressure issues (See: The Terrible Side Effect Of High Blood Pressure Your Doctor Doesn’t Think To Mention) I can no longer take high doses of steroids.  But even if I could take them, I would still use a natural alternative because steroids are so not good for you no matter how seldom you take them.

Since then I done my very best to stay away from poison ivy but occasionally I pick up a few little spots now and then.  Just this last weekend I somehow connected again with poison ivy.  So I did a bit of research and found 2 very different videos that address the poison ivy issue.  The first video from Kelly from Primally Inspired shows you how to treat the itch and get rid of the rash fast.  The second video from Extreme Deer Habitat shows you how to never get infected with poison ivy again.  Both are well worth your time.

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How To Turn Wood Coasters Into A Chic Light! (Video)


Need a new accent light?  Got any wood coasters around the house you’re not using?  With a few LED lights you can make those coasters into one of the coolest accent lamps you’ve seen in a long time.  Andy of Mist8k shows you how easy it is to make this fun and funky decorative light.

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How To Slice Or Dice An Onion And Not Have A Knife Anywhere Near Your Fingers! (Video)


When you go to slice or dice fresh veggies do you pause for a moment because you’re not that handy with a knife?  I do.  Even though I’ve studied videos of chefs wielding knives with ease, I still don’t have the confidence to go at it with gusto.  So when I saw this ingenious hack from Dave Hax, I was immediately thrilled with this simple technique for holding an onion steady and cutting it without having my fingers anywhere near the knife.

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