$5 + 10 Minutes  =  Fabulously, Sparkly Patriotic Wreath!

$5 + 10 Minutes = Fabulously, Sparkly Patriotic Wreath!


Looking for an easy to make patriotic door decoration that won’t scare your wallet?  These dollar store wreaths are so easy to make and so inexpensive.  How easy?  You can make this in just a few minutes. How inexpensive?  How does less than $5 sound to you?

Here’s what you’ll need:

A 14” or 12” wire wreath form.  My wire form was 14””.

At least 2 of the 9’ sparkly garlands you can find at most dollar stores.  2 of them will cover the wire form nicely; 3 of them will make the wreath fluffier.

An accent decoration of some kind.  See the photo below.

I found most of my parts and pieces at the Dollar Tree. The red, white and blue pompom set was from Big Lots.







How to make:

Take the very end of a garland and wrap the thin wire inside the garland around the outside ring of the wire form.  Wrap about a ¼” of it around the top ring a couple times to lock it on the form.  Then start wrapping the garland around the wire form. Wrap it so it hugs the form but can easily slide around it. When you get to the end of that garland, wrap that end ¼”about around the ring closest to it. Then start wrapping your second garland just as you did the first.  If you have 2 strands of garland, you’ll have enough to cover the wire form by just wrapping one wrap after the other.   If you have 3 strands of garland, you can bunch the garland closer together as you wrap it to make a fluffier wreath.

Here are photos of 1 strand of garland spread over half the wreath -LEFT Photo-  and 1 strand bunched together over one third the wreath -RIGHT Photo- to create a fuller look.  You can see that the right one is fluffier but the left one does cover the wire form nicely as well.








After all the garland is wrapped on the wire form, attach your decoration.  I cut the stem off of the pinwheel so I could anchor it into the wreath with a chenille stem.  I cut the wire back on the pompoms and then anchored them on the wreath using just the wire.

Here are close-ups of them:









Here are the finished wreaths. The red, white and blue wreath has 3 strands of garland.  The red, silver and blue wreath has 2 strands of garland.  I think they both look good.  Since I couldn’t decide which decoration I liked best, I asked my hubby to photograph the wreaths with both the pinwheel and the pompoms decorations.  My husband thought the pinwheel looked best on both of the wreaths.  What do you think?  Let me know.

Red White and Blue wreaths:









Red Silver and Blue wreaths:













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