Sell On Amazon, Make Good Money And Not Lose Your Shirt? These 2 Guys Show You How!


Todd and Chris make millions every year selling common, every day products on Amazon.  They’ve been doing that for years.  About 2 years ago they got tired of seeing good people being tricked into spending money on costly training programs that promised big returns selling on Amazon.  These programs were long on promises but short on delivery.  So Todd and Chris decided to share their technique.  They call it Ecomm Elite.

How is Ecomm Elite different than all those other “how to make money selling on Amazon” programs?  The difference is that Todd and Chris still work at their Amazon businesses every day using their Ecomm Elite system.  Every day.  That’s where they make their money.  They live, breathe and support their families completely by selling on Amazon using their Ecomm Elite system.  Because they know their system works they share it so other people can duplicate their success.

What Todd, Chris, and every successful business person knows is that you have to start small and grow your business slowly.  That advice applies to selling on Amazon.  But how and where to start?  Todd and Chris show you how to get started selling what they call “unsexy” products.  These are common, every day products that sell for a reasonable amount of money and make you a buck or two of profit on each sale.  A buck or two doesn’t sound like much but if you have 1 product that makes you a $1 sale once a day, that’s $30 a month.  Multiply that by 5 sales a day, now you have $150 a month profit.  Multiply that by 100 sales a day, now you have $3,000 a month profit.  The beauty of the Ecomm Elite program is once you know how the system works, you can easily scale your business up depending on how much time and money you want to put into it.

Full disclosure # 1: Todd and Chris’ Ecomm Elite program is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  You will have to work at it. and Todd and Chris do NOT and will NOT guarantee you will make any money if you purchase this program.  ONLY YOU CAN GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS.

Full disclosure # 2:  The link to this introductory webinar is an affiliate link.  So if you join after watching the webinar, I will make money.  But it doesn’t cost you any money to watch the webinar so take the time (it’s about an hour or so-it’s been a while since I saw it) and see what you think.

Full disclosure # 3: I purchased their Ecomm Elite program several months ago.  Health issues kept me from getting started until just a few weeks ago.  My first products will be up for sale on Amazon in just a few days.  I know that if I follow their training I will create a profitable business.  Besides their training, which is quite detailed, they give great customer support and they have a fantastic, supportive private FaceBook group that is filled with people who are working the Ecomm Elite program and are more than willing to help everyone be successful, just as Todd and Chris are.  You get access to the private FaceBook group after you join the program.  (BTW- if you noticed I always say “Todd and Chris”, not “Chris and Todd”, it’s an inside joke that you’ll understand once you get into their private FB group.)

This blog has always been about helping people to do things for themselves which are smart and practical.  If you want to create additional income for yourself and your family in these uncertain times, I believe this is a great way to do so.  I believe it so much I’m doing this myself.

Check out their webinar now.  Here’s the link: Ecomm Elite

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Best of luck to you!

Regret ‘Putting A Ring On It’? Watch This Quick Video To Find Out How To Remove It!


We’ve all been there haven’t we?  Maybe it’s your own or you’re trying on a friends?  But how many times have you gone to take off a ring and it just won’t budge?  You try and try but your efforts are only making it worse.  Of course you could try using soap or water but let’s face it, that never works.  Instead you should be following Dave Hax’s awesome trick that will get that ring off in a heartbeat!

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Stuck Fixing Household Problems All The Time? Your Glue Gun Is Here To Save The Day! (Video)


Remember that glue gun you bought all those years ago for that one project you needed doing?  Well, it turns out it can be used to fix just about any household problem you have!  The guys over at Household Hacker have come up with 10 ingenious ways to make the most of your trusty glue gun, from silencing a loud cupboard to mending a broken button on your shirt.

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She Completely Reorganized Laundry And Pantry Room Combo For $30! (Video)


Ever wondered how you can possibly make more things fit into a space without remodeling?  Sometimes all you need is a new way of looking at what you have and what you need.  In this video from Kathryn of DoItOnaDime, you’ll see how Kathryn helped a friend with a small laundry room/pantry make the most of the limited space and organize her pantry so that everything is easy to find and access.

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How To Make A Pretty And Thoughtful Shower Gift Using Only Dollar Store Products (Video)


Tis the season!  Bridal showers abound!  We’ve all gone through those times when we’re invited to lots of showers in just a few months’ span.  After a while it can be a drain on your budget especially when you’re trying to save a few extra dollars for your vacation – even if it is staycation.  Thankfully, Kathryn of DoItOnaDime shares 2 very cute and sure to be welcomed shower gifts that won’t break your wallet.

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8 Amazing Ways To Use A Hair Dryer Besides Drying Your Hair! (Video)


I’ve always seen my hair dryer as a one use kind of tool – just to dry my hair.  Two uses if you count hair styling with the warm and cool settings.  Now HouseholdHacker shares at least 8 other things you can do with a hair dryer that will solve all kinds of problems from water stains on a wooden table to getting rid of wrinkles in a shirt.  It’s no longer a one use tool.

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Update: Did KooKee’s Sweater Vest Work? The Big Reveal


Remember KooKee, our Quaker parrot, whom we outfitted with a sweater vest (made out of a baby’s sock) to keep her warm through the cold winter?  You can see how I made the sweater and her reaction to it here: How To Make A Sweater Vest For A Parrot.

KooKee had plucked out all her feathers on her back, belly, legs and under her wings.  What I didn’t mention in the post about making the vest was that besides being very cold, she continued to pluck out any new growths even though she was getting excellent medical care and was on medications.  In desperation to stop her continued plucking and keep her warm, I created a sweater vest for her to wear.  Now 6 weeks later I thought you’d like to see how she’s doing.

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Are You The Only One Who Cleans The House? Here’s How To Get Your Partner To Pitch In! (Video)


My mom used to say “Cleanliness is next to Godliness but most of the time, it’s next to impossible”.  She was right.  Keeping your home clean is a never ending job.  If you do most of the cleaning in your home, you know it’s tiring.  And frustrating, if like me you feel like no one else cares whether anything is clean, let alone neat.  That’s why I’m featuring this great video from Melissa of Clean My Space.  She offers tips for getting your partner to pitch in.

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How To Build A Dog House That Stays Warm In The Winter And Cool In The Summer (Videos)


Does your dog have a dog house?  You know the weather extremes can be hard on them.  Most people bring their dogs inside during the bitter cold days and extreme hot days.  But what if you want your pooch to be comfortable even if it’s not dangerously cold or hot?  I’ve found two good videos from 1963bus that may help you create a comfortable dog house even in extreme temperatures and it doesn’t require any mechanical devices to alter the temperature.  His idea is definitely an “outside the box” solution.

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Somebody Finally Figured Out How To Make A One Handed Paper Towel Dispenser! (Video)


You’re in the kitchen and suddenly you need a paper towel – fast.  You go to quickly grab a towel with one hand while trying to control the spill with your other.  Or you have your kid in one hand and you’re desperately trying to catch the mess before it spreads.  Of course, the paper towel holder decides at that particular moment to require two hands to tear off what you need.  Acck!  We’ve all experienced it.  Thankfully, Shake The Future came up with a simple solution for those many times when you need a paper towel and you only have one hand free.  And it’s a really simple fix.

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How One All-Natural Skin Care Recipe Makes Both A Lip Balm AND A Body Butter (Video)


Do you have dry skin?  My hands are always dry.  No matter what I use, I just can’t seem to get relief.  I’m always on the lookout for a natural hand cream so when I found this video from Brooke of What’sUpMoms I knew I’d found a great recipe to try.  The best part is that this one recipe makes a great lip balm as well as a really nice body butter.

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How To Make A Sweater Vest For A Parrot


KooKee, our Quaker parrot, started plucking her feathers out mid October.  We believe it was caused by the stress of being boarded at the vet while we went to a business conference for several days.  Parrot birds are very sensitive and don’t react well to any drastic changes.  She’s had episodes of feather plucking in the past, mostly they were hormone related and every time she eventually stopped picking and (with the help of a few drugs) her feathers regrew.

This time around she has not responded as quickly to the medications as she has in the past.  With winter in full force we had to do something to make sure our little girl would not get chilled.  So I made a sweater vest for her.

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Santa Baby – The Original And Best Version Ever! (Video)


I think this is one of the best Christmas songs ever.  Enjoy the first and very best version of Santa Baby by the wonderful Eartha Kitt.  No one has ever done a cover of Santa Baby that rivals Eartha’s.  This was one of Eartha’s favorite songs as well as one of her most popular.

Our thanks to EveryDays AHoliday.

Merry Christmas!


10 Ways To Make Christmas Prep Easier! (Video)


A fun assortment of Christmas hacks!  From cookie decorating to making your home smell like a fresh cut Christmas tree Grant Thompson “The King of Random” has put together 10 tips for making your Christmas preparation a little easier.  But be warned – the first one is best described as the perfect gift if you want to offend someone this holiday.

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How To Turn Junk Mail Into Fireplace Logs (Video)


If you have a fireplace you know that buying logs gets expensive fast.  If you don’t want to buy wood it can become a full time job scrounging up all you need whether you use your fireplace for ambiance or as an additional source of heat on those bitter cold nights.  What if there was a way to turn junk mail into logs for your fireplace?  Steven of Tiny House Listings has come up with a way to make junk mail and even egg cartons into logs.

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What’s With All These Teal Pumpkins?


Remember trick or treating and bringing home a bag full of yummy candy?  Of course your mom or dad would have to go through your stash to make sure there were no bad things in there and most of the time there was nothing dangerous in there.

But now for some parents, trick or treating means that they must take away most of the candy their kids get because it’s dangerous to them.  Their kids have food allergies.  1 in every 13 kids has food allergies – some of them are life threatening.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer those kids an alternative Halloween treat?  But how do you let them know you have those available?  Now there’s a way to show that you have safe treats for food allergic kids.  All you need to do is display a teal pumpkin.

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