$5 + 10 Minutes = Fabulously, Sparkly Patriotic Wreath!


Just can’t stay out of those dollar stores!  So as I was roaming around in one the other day inspiration struck.  All that shiny red, white and blue garland and lots of sparkly decorations came together (in my mind) as the perfect, easy to make, super inexpensive patriotic wreath.  And I’m not kidding about easy to make.

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Keeping Their Eyes On You! Make A Spooky Eyeball Wreath For Less Than $5


I love Halloween.  It’s always a fun time of the year. This year I’m more than a little swamped with things to do.  I hadn’t plan to do any kind of DIY for Halloween but the fates conspired or inspired me when I found myself, yet again, in a dollar store.

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3 Odd Home Décor DIYs That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing (Video)


What do toilet paper rolls, tongue depressors and army men have in common?  All of them can be turned into home décor that you, your family and your guests will love.  Following the suggestions of Andy of Mist8k in his short video, you’ll see how easy it is to make these odd things become something you’ll be proud to make and share.

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How To Make A Hero Mirror (Video)


Do you have a favorite heroine or hero you dream of becoming or perhaps meeting?  While I can’t help you acquire that dream, I am sharing a fun way I’ve come across to feature your favorite hero/heroine in your home.  Andy of Mist8k shows you how he changed a normal looking mirror frame into a fantastic homage to one of his favorite comic heroes.

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Could You Make Nesting Tables If All You Had Was Concrete And Legos? This Guy Did! (Videos)


Do you have Legos?  If you do, you have half of what you need to make a very cool set of nesting tables.  Ben of HomeMadeModern shows you how he created a Lego form and then using kitchen counter grade concrete made these two nesting tables.  Considering how amazing these look you’d never believe how easy they are to make.

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How To Turn Wood Coasters Into A Chic Light! (Video)


Need a new accent light?  Got any wood coasters around the house you’re not using?  With a few LED lights you can make those coasters into one of the coolest accent lamps you’ve seen in a long time.  Andy of Mist8k shows you how easy it is to make this fun and funky decorative light.

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – You Can Make This Beauty For $20! (Video)


Do you love accent mirrors?  I do.  They’re a great way to add drama to any wall.  But the price of some of those mirrors can be outrageous.  That’s what Sharrah of HOW TO: Live Your Style discovered when she found a cool accent mirror at Pottery Barn.  Being the DIYer that she is, she decided to make one for less than 10% of the retail price.  The best part is that it’s really easy.

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How To Make A Cool Accent Light Using LEDs And Sticky Tape (Video)


I love accent lights.  They add drama and pizazz to quiet spaces.  But finding one that is just right and fits your budget can be a challenge.  When I saw this cool accent light made by Andy of Mist8k I knew this light could be a perfect accent light and it’s easy to make too!

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How To Make A Gift Bow Out Of Cupcake Wrappers (Video)


Looking for the perfect bow for your special gift?  Now if you can’t find just the right one you can easily make one using cupcake wrappers.  Jennifer of Sea Lemon, in conjunction with HGTV, shows you how simple it is to turn these kitchen staples into a beautiful bow.  With all the different cupcake wrappers available you may find that you prefer making your own over the store bought ones.

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Christmas Variations Of The Prettiest And Easiest To Make Wreath Ever!


Christmastime!  What better time for a decorative wreath!  Today I’m sharing my latest collection of mesh wreaths.  While these were made for the holiday season there are a few here that could easily go well into the winter months and still look good.

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How To Make Cute Little Yarn Hat Ornaments (Video)


Have you seen these cute little winter hat ornaments?  They’re so simple and easy to make they’re the perfect Christmas craft for you and your kids.  Handimania shows you how easy they are to make.  Yes, it’s an old idea but still fun to do.  And if you’re looking for a grown up way to use them, why not put a little winter hat onto a plain wine bottle topper or even on a bottle of wine as a Christmas accent.

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How To Make A Classic Evergreen Christmas Wreath For Free! (Video)


When it comes to Christmas decorating every store has plenty to offer.  And every year there’s always a new take on Christmas décor.  I like seeing new ideas but an evergreen wreath still wins as the classic Christmas statement.  If you’d like to stay with the classic and save money too Kathryn of DoItOnaDime shows you how to make an beautiful evergreen wreath for free.

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How To Make A Gorgeous Bubble Wreath Using Just 6” Wide Mesh Fabric


I fell in love with geo mesh fabric the moment I first saw it.  I saw so many possibilities for decorating with it.  A while back I featured a video from Nancy of Bonney Lake Ben Franklin in which Nancy used 22” wide geo mesh to create a gorgeous bubble wreath.  Here’s that post: How To Make A Geo Mesh Bubble Wreath (Video)

While I loved the wreath, using 22” wide fabric makes for a really, really big wreath which is fine if you have a large wall or wide door to hang it on.  I have neither.  So I decided to see if I could make a bubble wreath using just 6” wide geo mesh.

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A Monster Wreath That Won’t Take A Bite Out Of Your Wallet (Videos)


Halloween is almost here.  If you haven’t the time to shop for craft supplies to make a Halloween wreath check out this simple and so very clever monster wreath from Jennifer of Sea Lemon and HGTV Handmade.  Jennifer used paper bags and fabric scraps to make a fun but not scary monster wreath.

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2 Ingredient Decorative Balloon Bowls – So Easy And So Pretty (Video)


With just 2 ingredients and a balloon you can make a decorative bowl that’s a perfect accent piece for your home.  I’ve seen several different ideas for making a decorative bowls but this idea from Brooke of WhatsUpMoms has to be the best because it’s so easy to make and looks so good.  Of course Brooke uses gold glitter to make her bowl but any coarse glitter will work.

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Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Black Light – Perfect For Halloween! (Video)


Black lights are so much fun to use around Halloween time.  If you’d like to have a few black light tricks around your home but you don’t want to invest in a black light, Dave Hax shows you a simple way to turn your cell into a black light.  This little trick is great to use at a party.

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With Just A Yard Of Fabric You Can Make A Pretty Throw Pillow In Minutes! (Video)


If you want a fresh look for your sofa, nothing beats changing out the throw pillows to revive its look.  But if you don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on new throw pillows this clever little video from DIY Lover is just what you need to see.  She shows you how to make a pretty no-sew throw pillow in just a few minutes.

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How To Make A Geo Mesh Bubble Wreath (Video)


The first time I saw a mesh bubble wreath I fell in love with it.  I had to find out how to make one for myself.  After searching the net a while I found this great tutorial from Nancy of Bonney Lake Ben Franklin.  Nancy explains how easy it is to make this big, beautiful wreath.  Believe me, it’s a lot easier than you think.

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How To Upcycle Pop Cans Into Fun Decorations! (Video)


Looking for a simple, summer-y picnic table decoration?  You have to see this simple and easy to make pop can table organizer from Brooke of WhatsUpMoms.  Using 6 pop cans, a hole punch and a wire she makes the coolest picnic table decoration that also serves up all the utensils for the meal.  It’s simple, easy, bright and cheery – the perfect summer table decoration.

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How To Make A Lamp Out of Clothespins (Video)


While spring clothespins are good for keeping chip bags sealed and hanging up clothes, there’s really not much else you can do with them, unless, of course you’re Andy of Mist8K.  In this fun little video Andy shows you how he created a very cool looking art deco lamp using spring clothespins, hot glue and LED lights.

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