How To Make A Group Hammock (Video)


There’s nothing like swinging gently in a hammock on a summer day.  Hammocks are so comfortable you can easily lose track of time. You’ve seen 2 person hammocks, but what if you wanted to share one with your whole family?  You could put up a several different hammocks.  Or you could do what Ben from HomeMadeModern did.  Make one giant hammock that everyone could enjoy.

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Poison Ivy! How To Stop The Itch Fast AND How To Never Get It Again! (Videos)


Do you get poison ivy?  Whenever I do it always seems to escalate quickly.  Before I know it, it has spread all over.  A few years ago I had so much poison ivy rash on my legs and arms that as I was going through airport security the TSA agents pulled me aside because the rash flagged theirs scanners.  I showed them the rash on my arms and gladly offered to pull up my loose fitting slacks so they could see my legs but they said they’d seen enough, quickly backed away from me and waved me on through.  I had gone to my doctor two days before our trip to get relief from that outbreak.  He proscribed a high powered steroid that did get rid of the itch and eventually the rash but it had the very interesting side effect of speeding my metabolism up so much that I didn’t sleep for over 72 hours.  That was the trip that my husband complimented me on how well packed and prepared we were.

Because of my subsequent high blood pressure and high eye pressure issues (See: The Terrible Side Effect Of High Blood Pressure Your Doctor Doesn’t Think To Mention) I can no longer take high doses of steroids.  But even if I could take them, I would still use a natural alternative because steroids are so not good for you no matter how seldom you take them.

Since then I done my very best to stay away from poison ivy but occasionally I pick up a few little spots now and then.  Just this last weekend I somehow connected again with poison ivy.  So I did a bit of research and found 2 very different videos that address the poison ivy issue.  The first video from Kelly from Primally Inspired shows you how to treat the itch and get rid of the rash fast.  The second video from Extreme Deer Habitat shows you how to never get infected with poison ivy again.  Both are well worth your time.

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How To Upcycle Everything You Need For Your Garden So You Only Have Buy The Seeds (Video)


If you want to start gardening but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, our friends at GrowVeg have created a great video that shows you how to upcycle everything you need for every stage of the process.  You’ll only need to buy the seeds.  And if you want to stick with container gardening they show how anything that can hold dirt can be used to grow plants and vegetables. Anything.

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He Turned Rotting Wood Into A Stunning Glow In The Dark Table! (Video)


You can make this stunning glow in the dark table!  Our friends at Instructables used a special kind of wood called Pecky Cyprus to create this look.  Pecky Cyprus is a Cyprus wood that has rot in it caused by a naturally occurring fungal growth.  The rotted sections are removed and replaced with a resin that has glow powder in it.  The result: a gorgeous patio table that looks stunning at night.

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The Ultimate Guide To Building A Snowball Machine Gun (Video)


If you don’t have to be driving in snow or shoveling it off your driveway the best thing to do with it is play in it.  Of course, sooner or later when making snow angels gets boring, the lobbing of snowballs will start.  What if you find yourself outnumbered like Mark Rober did when he was vacationing with his family?  Rather than be out lobbed by his nieces and nephews Mark decided to level the playing field by creating a snowball machine gun.

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Sharpen A Knife Without A Sharpener – 5 Great Hacks (Video)


Ever been camping and discovered that your trusty blade has gotten dull?  Worse yet, did you also discover you forgot to pack your sharpener?  Yikes!  It’s actually more dangerous to use a dull knife, but what can you do?  Our friend John, the Intense Angler, in conjunction with Sierra Trading Post shows you five different ways you can sharpen your dull knife when you don’t have a sharpener with you.  The first two ideas assume that you’re camping fairly close to the vehicle that brought you there.  The other three are simple ideas that will work in a pinch.  And lastly John shows you how to take the rough edges off your newly sharpened knife with a clever trick for stropping.

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Keep Your Feet Warm In The Coldest Weather With This Dollar Store Hack! (Video)


I don’t know about you but I think the worst part of winter is having cold feet.  Once my feet get cold it feels like I’ll never be warm again.  Even though I don’t have a long walking commute, just slogging around in parking lots and sidewalks on cold winter days chills my dogs out.  If you hike or camp year round, you know that cold feet can ruin a fun adventure in the winter.  Thankfully, our friend John the Intense Angler has come up with a clever little trick that will help you keep your feet warm and comfy no matter how cold it gets.  The best part – this little hack can be made from a standard item at your local dollar store.

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How To Make A Super Powerful Water Balloon Slingshot (Videos)


Water balloons are summer staple.  Lobbing them at friends and family is a practically a requirement for picnics.  If you’d like to be a water balloon champion Grant Thompson, The King of Random has the perfect device – a “Skyblaster Slingshot” that will lob up to 3 water balloons over 150 ft.  Watch Grant’s video below to see it in action.  And if you’d like to see how easy it is to make one of these go to the next page.

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5 Quick Growing Veggies For A Late Summer Harvest (Video)


Even though the summer is winding down it’s not too late to enjoy your own fresh vegetables, if you stick with the fast growers.  In this smart video from GrowVeg you’ll see their suggestions for 5 vegetables that will go from seeds to ready to harvest in just a few short weeks.

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3 Fun Ice Activities To Keep Your Kids Cool This Summer (Video)


Keeping kids entertained in the summer can be challenging especially when it’s really hot out.  You don’t want to keep them inside but being outside isn’t that much fun when it’s really hot.  Elle of WhatsUpMoms has come up with 3 different ice activities that kept her little ones cool and occupied for quite a while, which is no small feat.

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3 Flower Pots That Have Been Hiding In Your Closet


If you’re looking for a different ways to display your potted plants the best place to look might be in your closet, especially if you have some things that you don’t want to toss but are just too worn out to wear anymore.  Today I’ve put together an assortment of ideas to help you think of ways to recycle those favorite purses, hats and shoes into fun and funky planters.


Source: Stunning Low-Budget Container Gardens from

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How To Build A High Powered, Non Toxic Mosquito Trap (Video)


If your lawn is so overwhelmed by mosquitoes that you have to douse yourself with mosquito repellant just to walk out to the mailbox you’ll love this super high powered mosquito trap from Dan of Green Power Science.  Dan shows you how to use very high powered fans to trap an amazing amount of mosquitos overnight.

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How To Create A Smoky Flavor On A Gas Grill (Video)


Does your gas grill have a smoke attachment?  If it doesn’t, no worries.  You’ll be surprised how easy it is to add a smoky flavor to your favorite meats and veggies without any special attachment or accessory.  In just a few minutes Elizabeth of Epicurious shows you how to make any gas grill into a smokin’ machine.

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How To Make A Lawn Sprinkler Using Just A Water Bottle And A Garden Hose (Video)


Want a way to water your garden and flower beds without spending a lot of money on fancy water sprinklers?  If you have a garden hose and a water bottle you can easily make a lawn sprinkler that will work as well as any store bought one.  Dave Hax has come up with a simple and clever work around to create one of the least expensive garden sprinklers you’ve ever seen.

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How To Easily Fill An Air Mattress Without A Pump (Video)


Do you take an air mattress with you when you camp?  Do have an air mattress at home to use when you have guests staying overnight?  They’re a lot better to sleep on than the ground or the floor.  But what if your pump broke down or you forgot to pack it with your camping gear?  Thanks to the innovative thinking of Dave Hax, you’ll always be able to fill your air mattress even if the pump is broken or absent.  You just may not want an audience for the solution.

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Best Mosquito Trap Ever! (Video)


It’s getting to be that time of year when the mosquitos are out and hungry.  If you’re tired of fighting them off and you don’t want to douse yourself or your patio with dangerous chemicals just to be able to be outside, you’ll really like this ingenious mosquito trap invented by Robb of Robb’s Homemade Life.

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A Guy Straps Bridal Fabric On To A Fan And Makes The Best Mosquito Trap Ever! (Video)

Looking For An Easy To Make Planter That’s Lightweight AND Durable? Make One With Hypertufa! (Video)


Have you heard of hypertufa?  I just recently discovered this fun alternative to heavy duty concrete for planters.  It’s a combination or regular old Portland cement, peat moss, perlite (or vermiculite) and water.  In this short tutorial from Lindsay of Lowe’s Home Improvement you’ll see how easy it is to make your very own planters for just a few dollars.

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With Just A Bucket, Dowels And Concrete You Can Make A Durable Stool For $5 (Video)


Looking to add extra seats to your patio or garden without breaking the bank?  Why not make a few concrete stools?  They’re easy to make and cost about $5 a piece.  Ben from HomeMadeModern shows you how you can make a sturdy stool using a 5 gallon bucket, concrete and wood dowels.

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How To Make A Comfy Garden Bench For Fun And Profit (Video)


Have you admired those wood garden benches and wished you could make one?  If so, you’ll really like this simple tutorial from Jay Bates.  Jay shows you exactly how to make the same comfortable garden bench that he has been making and selling for several years.  His practical and straightforward explanations will help you make a great bench for your garden.

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How To Make A Comfy Garden Bench For Fun And Profit (Video)

Looking For A Simple Demonstration Of How To Build A Backyard Fire Pit? You Just Found It (Video)


If you want to build a fire pit in your back yard but you don’t want to hire someone to do it, this video from bigjc12000 will show you how easy it is to build a good looking fire pit.  It will take a little money and some brawn, but if you can carry the bricks it’s really quite simple to build.

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Looking For A Simple Demonstration Of How To Build A Backyard Fire Pit? You Just Found It (Video)