How To Make A Sweater Vest For A Parrot

How To Make A Sweater Vest For A Parrot


KooKee, our Quaker parrot, started plucking her feathers out mid October.  We believe it was caused by the stress of being boarded at the vet while we went to a business conference for several days.  Parrot birds are very sensitive and don’t react well to any drastic changes.  She’s had episodes of feather plucking in the past, mostly they were hormone related and every time she eventually stopped picking and (with the help of a few drugs) her feathers regrew.

This time around she has not responded as quickly to the medications as she has in the past.  With winter in full force we had to do something to make sure our little girl would not get chilled.  So I made a sweater vest for her.

Read on to the next page to see how I did it and her reaction to it.


5 thoughts on “How To Make A Sweater Vest For A Parrot

  1. Hello,
    Love the article. How long did it take for KooKee to stop hating it? I have a quaker, Rockie, and he’s on a clear collar. He has no chest feathers. Since the collar has been on for a long time his back feathers are growing in.

    I would try the sock/sweater but I’m afraid he would go crazy with it. Rockie has high uric acid, so the vet said it’s gout. My understanding is that birds pick at things that hurt. So he was picking a lot at his wings. We adopted him about 10+ years ago.

    So my question is how long did it take for KooKee not to hate it? Was it weeks/month(s)

    Thanks for the posting.

    • Hi Jess,
      Thank you for your comment. Actually KooKee never stopped hating the vest and she kept picking and chewing on it. But thankfully, that kept her from picking on herself. We cut the vest off her about a week after we put it on her. She had chewed through most of it anyway. Here’s the link to my follow up post.
      We were so happy that some of the feathers had started to re-grow we didn’t think to take a photo of her until I decided to do the follow up post. The feather tuffs were quite apparent when we cut off the vest and we think that maybe she decided that because there was some growth she wouldn’t pick at them again. I’m not a vet and can only speak as an owner of quaker but if it were my quaker, I wouldn’t put a vest on with the collar. I’d talk to my vet and see what they say. They might suggest taking the collar off to see if perhaps Rockie has outgrown the need to pick his back feathers and then if he starts picking again you could see if the vet thinks it’s worth trying the vest instead to protect the front and back. Always check with your vet about how to proceed. You could also check with some parrot rescue groups who might have suggestions as to how to help Rockie. is good one to see if they have any ideas that help. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  2. Hello! I have a sweet Senegal who plucks badly….i make her sweaters but she hates them….the vet gave her the collar but she couldnt even stand up with mentioned some medications that might help? I was wondering what they are? Otherwise she is healthy, gets loads of attention…thank you!

    • Hi Dee,
      Thank you for your comment. Our vet proscribed haloperidol – a very diluted version for KooKee. Haloperidol is an anti-anxiety drug proscribed for humans but it seems to work pretty well for pet birds too. You could check with your vet to see if it might help your Senegal. I hope this helps. Good luck.

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