How To Make A Hero Mirror (Video)


Is there someone you know who really loves a character in a movie or book or has a real life person who inspires them?  They’ll love this hero mirror.  Using a ready-made mirror with a wide wood frame, Andy of Mist8k shows you how he created a mirror that showcases one of his favorite comic heroes, Wolverine.  Of course, comic books are a great source for the images you’ll need if your heroine or hero lives in that world.  And without too much trouble you should be able to find plenty of images of your favorite hero/heroine whether they live in Middle Earth, Hogwarts, a fairy tale or in this world.  If you know someone who loves a special breed of dog or cat, this would be a fun thing to make for them as well.  I think it’s a great way to celebrate someone or something you like.  The best part: it’s easy to do.  And, what a dramatic statement!  I love it; I think you will too.  Watch Andy’s short video now.

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