Keeping Their Eyes On You! Make A Spooky Eyeball Wreath For Less Than $5


Do you love decorating for Halloween?  I do.  Over the years I’ve made, bought and been given many fun and spooky decorations for Halloween.  And every year I tell myself I don’t need any more.  But the other day while checking out the latest goodies from my favorite dollar and clearance stores I found purple and black garland and spooky eyeballs.  I knew immediately what I could do with them since I already had the wire wreath. (I stock up on them whenever I find them at the Dollar Tree.)  Here’s a photo of the essentials:


I wrapped the garland around the wreath and tucked the ends into the wire form.  Used double stick tape to stick on the eyes and TaDa!  It was done.  After attaching fishing line to the back of the wire form it was ready to hang.  This has to be the fastest, easiest and least expensive Halloween wreath I’ve ever made!  I love it!


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