How To Slice Or Dice An Onion And Not Have A Knife Anywhere Near Your Fingers! (Video)


When you go to slice or dice fresh veggies do you pause for a moment because you’re not that handy with a knife?  I do.  Even though I’ve studied videos of chefs wielding knives with ease, I still don’t have the confidence to go at it with gusto.  So when I saw this ingenious hack from Dave Hax, I was immediately thrilled with this simple technique for holding an onion steady and cutting it without having my fingers anywhere near the knife.

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8 Amazing Ways To Use A Hair Dryer Besides Drying Your Hair! (Video)


I’ve always seen my hair dryer as a one use kind of tool – just to dry my hair.  Two uses if you count hair styling with the warm and cool settings.  Now HouseholdHacker shares at least 8 other things you can do with a hair dryer that will solve all kinds of problems from water stains on a wooden table to getting rid of wrinkles in a shirt.  It’s no longer a one use tool.

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Sports Drinks Are Not Good For You! Here’s How To Make A Healthy, Good Tasting One Everybody Will Love! (Video)


Love sports drinks?  Lots of us do.  We’ve been told they’re good for us.  In reality they’re so full of high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients that they do the body much more harm than good.  But what if you can’t stomach drinking a lot of water after a workout?  Chef John of Food Wishes has created a great recipe for a homemade sports drink that has good-for-you ingredients, tastes great and is easy to make.

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How To Upcycle Everything You Need For Your Garden So You Only Have Buy The Seeds (Video)


If you want to start gardening but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, our friends at GrowVeg have created a great video that shows you how to upcycle everything you need for every stage of the process.  You’ll only need to buy the seeds.  And if you want to stick with container gardening they show how anything that can hold dirt can be used to grow plants and vegetables. Anything.

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Update: Did KooKee’s Sweater Vest Work? The Big Reveal


Remember KooKee, our Quaker parrot, whom we outfitted with a sweater vest (made out of a baby’s sock) to keep her warm through the cold winter?  You can see how I made the sweater and her reaction to it here: How To Make A Sweater Vest For A Parrot.

KooKee had plucked out all her feathers on her back, belly, legs and under her wings.  What I didn’t mention in the post about making the vest was that besides being very cold, she continued to pluck out any new growths even though she was getting excellent medical care and was on medications.  In desperation to stop her continued plucking and keep her warm, I created a sweater vest for her to wear.  Now 6 weeks later I thought you’d like to see how she’s doing.

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Are You The Only One Who Cleans The House? Here’s How To Get Your Partner To Pitch In! (Video)


My mom used to say “Cleanliness is next to Godliness but most of the time, it’s next to impossible”.  She was right.  Keeping your home clean is a never ending job.  If you do most of the cleaning in your home, you know it’s tiring.  And frustrating, if like me you feel like no one else cares whether anything is clean, let alone neat.  That’s why I’m featuring this great video from Melissa of Clean My Space.  She offers tips for getting your partner to pitch in.

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How To Build A Dog House That Stays Warm In The Winter And Cool In The Summer (Videos)


Does your dog have a dog house?  You know the weather extremes can be hard on them.  Most people bring their dogs inside during the bitter cold days and extreme hot days.  But what if you want your pooch to be comfortable even if it’s not dangerously cold or hot?  I’ve found two good videos from 1963bus that may help you create a comfortable dog house even in extreme temperatures and it doesn’t require any mechanical devices to alter the temperature.  His idea is definitely an “outside the box” solution.

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You’ll Love How Fast You Can Make Shamrock Cupcake Decorations! (Video)


If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to decorate cupcakes for St. Patrick’s Day you’ll love this simple idea from Tammy of Yoyomax12.  She shows you how easy it is to create shamrocks decorations.  All you need is a scissors and green gum drops.  And because they look so good you won’t want to tell anyone how easily you made them!

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How To Make Leprechaun Hats Filled With Gold Coins – Happy St. Paddy’s Day! (Video)


This St. Paddy’s Day why not celebrate the day by giving out leprechaun hats full of gold coins?  Yeah, right.  I don’t know anyone who has leprechaun hats full of gold coins, unless they have these cuties.  Using green paint and plastic serving containers Tammy of Yoyomax12 shows you how to make a fun little St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun’s hat that’s filled with gold foil wrapped milk chocolate coins.

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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – You Can Make This Beauty For $20! (Video)


Do you love accent mirrors?  I do.  They’re a great way to add drama to any wall.  But the price of some of those mirrors can be outrageous.  That’s what Sharrah of HOW TO: Live Your Style discovered when she found a cool accent mirror at Pottery Barn.  Being the DIYer that she is, she decided to make one for less than 10% of the retail price.  The best part is that it’s really easy.

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He Turned Rotting Wood Into A Stunning Glow In The Dark Table! (Video)


You can make this stunning glow in the dark table!  Our friends at Instructables used a special kind of wood called Pecky Cyprus to create this look.  Pecky Cyprus is a Cyprus wood that has rot in it caused by a naturally occurring fungal growth.  The rotted sections are removed and replaced with a resin that has glow powder in it.  The result: a gorgeous patio table that looks stunning at night.

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Somebody Finally Figured Out How To Make A One Handed Paper Towel Dispenser! (Video)


You’re in the kitchen and suddenly you need a paper towel – fast.  You go to quickly grab a towel with one hand while trying to control the spill with your other.  Or you have your kid in one hand and you’re desperately trying to catch the mess before it spreads.  Of course, the paper towel holder decides at that particular moment to require two hands to tear off what you need.  Acck!  We’ve all experienced it.  Thankfully, Shake The Future came up with a simple solution for those many times when you need a paper towel and you only have one hand free.  And it’s a really simple fix.

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Why You Only Need 2 Tips To Decorate Any Cake – Period! (Videos)


Do you envy those gloriously decorated cakes and cupcakes you see at the fancy bakeries?  Do you wish you could make those complicated designs?  Guess what?  It’s a lot easier to make those beautiful decorations than you ever imagined.  Elise of MyCupcakeAddiction shows you how easy it is to create a beautifully decorated dessert with only a round or a star piping tip.  You’ll love these videos because Elise’s demonstrations and explanations are so simple to follow.  1st up: how to use a round tip.

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The Ultimate Guide To Building A Snowball Machine Gun (Video)


If you don’t have to be driving in snow or shoveling it off your driveway the best thing to do with it is play in it.  Of course, sooner or later when making snow angels gets boring, the lobbing of snowballs will start.  What if you find yourself outnumbered like Mark Rober did when he was vacationing with his family?  Rather than be out lobbed by his nieces and nephews Mark decided to level the playing field by creating a snowball machine gun.

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Sharpen A Knife Without A Sharpener – 5 Great Hacks (Video)


Ever been camping and discovered that your trusty blade has gotten dull?  Worse yet, did you also discover you forgot to pack your sharpener?  Yikes!  It’s actually more dangerous to use a dull knife, but what can you do?  Our friend John, the Intense Angler, in conjunction with Sierra Trading Post shows you five different ways you can sharpen your dull knife when you don’t have a sharpener with you.  The first two ideas assume that you’re camping fairly close to the vehicle that brought you there.  The other three are simple ideas that will work in a pinch.  And lastly John shows you how to take the rough edges off your newly sharpened knife with a clever trick for stropping.

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How To Make Quiche For One (Video)


I love quiche but I never make it at home because I’m the only one in my family who likes it and I’ve haven’t found a decent recipe that can be reduced down to one serving.  Then I found this amazing video from Rebecca of Mumsnet on how to make an individual serving of quiche in the microwave.  Now I don’t have to wait till I go to a restaurant to have one of my favorite breakfast meals.  In this short video from Rebecca you’ll see how easy it is to make a simple and delicious quiche in a mug.

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How One All-Natural Skin Care Recipe Makes Both A Lip Balm AND A Body Butter (Video)


Do you have dry skin?  My hands are always dry.  No matter what I use, I just can’t seem to get relief.  I’m always on the lookout for a natural hand cream so when I found this video from Brooke of What’sUpMoms I knew I’d found a great recipe to try.  The best part is that this one recipe makes a great lip balm as well as a really nice body butter.

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