Poison Ivy! How To Stop The Itch Fast AND How To Never Get It Again! (Videos)


In this first video from Kelly of Kelly from Primally Inspired, shows you how to treat poison ivy so that the itching stops and the rash goes away very quickly.  She uses a combination of apple cider vinegar and bentonite clay.  I’ve known for some time the value of bentonite clay for pulling toxins out of the body.  And of course, apple cider vinegar has many purifying qualities.  Combining the two makes great sense.  Watch Kelly’s video now.  If you’re super itchy and want to get to the recipe details fast, skip ahead to the 1 minute mark.

In this second video I’m sharing about poison ivy, Jim Brauker of Extreme Deer Habitat shows you how you get poison ivy, how to make sure you eliminate the exposure before it can infect your skin and more importantly, how to make sure you never get it again.  I’ve never seen a more detailed and informative explanation of the mechanics of poison ivy exposure and how to prevent it.  This video is a must see if you want to make sure you never have another bout of poison ivy.  Watch it now.

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