Stop The Assault! How To Reduce Your Salt Intake With These Simple Tips (Video)


So you’ve found that perfect recipe online, the one you have been searching for non-stop.  You hurry off to the grocery store and run back to your kitchen to get cooking.  You’re beyond excited to taste what will likely be the best meal of your life, but you are instead hit by an overbearing wave of salt which ruins the whole meal.  Sound familiar?  Well, Chef John over at Food Wishes has you covered.  He perfectly explains how to avoid such devastating food disasters in his quick, informative video.

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How To Make Fresh Corn Soup – So Easy – So Good! (Video)


Are you a corn on the cob foodie who loves the taste of nature’s golden treat?  If you are, you’ll love how easy it is to make this recipe for corn soup from Chef John of Food Wishes.  Chef John shares how to make a deliciously simple corn soup using just three ears of corn, a little water and salt.  If you’ve ever wondered what heaven tastes like you’ll know when you try this.

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Ever Tried Puffy Tacos? So Good And So Easy To Make! (Video)


Love eating tacos?  I do.  One of our favorite dinners is tacos with a wilted lettuce salad.  So when I saw this puffy taco recipe from Chef John of Food Wishes, I knew I had to share it with you.  This taco can be picked up like any hard shell taco but it’s also a little soft.  And because you lightly break open the top puffy part, you have the perfect cradle to hold all your fillings without having to resort to one of those tacky taco holders to keep everything from falling out.

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