She Completely Reorganized Laundry And Pantry Room Combo For $30! (Video)


Ever wondered how you can possibly make more things fit into a space without remodeling?  Sometimes all you need is a new way of looking at what you have and what you need.  In this video from Kathryn of DoItOnaDime, you’ll see how Kathryn helped a friend with a small laundry room/pantry make the most of the limited space and organize her pantry so that everything is easy to find and access.

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Who Knew Dollar Store Goodies Could De-clutter Your Fridge So Easily! (Video)


Is your refrigerator a cluttered mess inside?  Mine is.  My husband says the definition of a refrigerator is a large rectangular box used to store things until they spoil.  While that’s not completely true, sometimes it does feel like a scavenger hunt when I’m trying to find something.  That’s why I really like this great video from Kathryn of DoItOnaDime.  She shares fantastic organizing ideas that are really cheap to implement.

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