Duct Tape And A Knife – All You Need For An Open Wound Emergency! (Video)


Ever been on a hike, took a fall and needed a quick fix for an open wound?  If you’re prepared, it doesn’t have to be life threatening.  Leon from Survival Common Sense shows you how a steri-strip or butterfly bandage can be created using just a knife and duct tape. This is a stop gap measure to be sure, but if you have an open wound it could make the difference between a fast recovery and a serious infection.

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The Ultimate Guide To Building A Snowball Machine Gun (Video)


If you don’t have to be driving in snow or shoveling it off your driveway the best thing to do with it is play in it.  Of course, sooner or later when making snow angels gets boring, the lobbing of snowballs will start.  What if you find yourself outnumbered like Mark Rober did when he was vacationing with his family?  Rather than be out lobbed by his nieces and nephews Mark decided to level the playing field by creating a snowball machine gun.

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