How To Make A Pretty And Thoughtful Shower Gift Using Only Dollar Store Products (Video)


Tis the season!  Bridal showers abound!  We’ve all gone through those times when we’re invited to lots of showers in just a few months’ span.  After a while it can be a drain on your budget especially when you’re trying to save a few extra dollars for your vacation – even if it is staycation.  Thankfully, Kathryn of DoItOnaDime shares 2 very cute and sure to be welcomed shower gifts that won’t break your wallet.

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How To Make A Gift Bow Out Of Cupcake Wrappers (Video)


Looking for the perfect bow for your special gift?  Now if you can’t find just the right one you can easily make one using cupcake wrappers.  Jennifer of Sea Lemon, in conjunction with HGTV, shows you how simple it is to turn these kitchen staples into a beautiful bow.  With all the different cupcake wrappers available you may find that you prefer making your own over the store bought ones.

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Forget Boring Fruit Baskets – Give Them A Fruit Tower!


I love gifts of food.  Giving them and receiving them.  Always have.  I think food gifts are the best gifts – second only to gifts of money.

Cookies, candy and fruit baskets are most traditional around the holidays.  However, if you have people on your list who are committed to eating healthy or have to restrict their intake of sweets, fruit is the best option.  But I have a big problem with fruit baskets…

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