Keeping Their Eyes On You! Make A Spooky Eyeball Wreath For Less Than $5


I love Halloween.  It’s always a fun time of the year. This year I’m more than a little swamped with things to do.  I hadn’t plan to do any kind of DIY for Halloween but the fates conspired or inspired me when I found myself, yet again, in a dollar store.

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What’s With All These Teal Pumpkins?


Remember trick or treating and bringing home a bag full of yummy candy?  Of course your mom or dad would have to go through your stash to make sure there were no bad things in there and most of the time there was nothing dangerous in there.

But now for some parents, trick or treating means that they must take away most of the candy their kids get because it’s dangerous to them.  Their kids have food allergies.  1 in every 13 kids has food allergies – some of them are life threatening.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer those kids an alternative Halloween treat?  But how do you let them know you have those available?  Now there’s a way to show that you have safe treats for food allergic kids.  All you need to do is display a teal pumpkin.

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A Monster Wreath That Won’t Take A Bite Out Of Your Wallet (Videos)


Halloween is almost here.  If you haven’t the time to shop for craft supplies to make a Halloween wreath check out this simple and so very clever monster wreath from Jennifer of Sea Lemon and HGTV Handmade.  Jennifer used paper bags and fabric scraps to make a fun but not scary monster wreath.

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Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Black Light – Perfect For Halloween! (Video)


Black lights are so much fun to use around Halloween time.  If you’d like to have a few black light tricks around your home but you don’t want to invest in a black light, Dave Hax shows you a simple way to turn your cell into a black light.  This little trick is great to use at a party.

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