Duct Tape And A Knife – All You Need For An Open Wound Emergency! (Video)


Ever been on a hike, took a fall and needed a quick fix for an open wound?  If you’re prepared, it doesn’t have to be life threatening.  Leon from Survival Common Sense shows you how a steri-strip or butterfly bandage can be created using just a knife and duct tape. This is a stop gap measure to be sure, but if you have an open wound it could make the difference between a fast recovery and a serious infection.

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How To Slice Or Dice An Onion And Not Have A Knife Anywhere Near Your Fingers! (Video)


When you go to slice or dice fresh veggies do you pause for a moment because you’re not that handy with a knife?  I do.  Even though I’ve studied videos of chefs wielding knives with ease, I still don’t have the confidence to go at it with gusto.  So when I saw this ingenious hack from Dave Hax, I was immediately thrilled with this simple technique for holding an onion steady and cutting it without having my fingers anywhere near the knife.

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Sharpen A Knife Without A Sharpener – 5 Great Hacks (Video)


Ever been camping and discovered that your trusty blade has gotten dull?  Worse yet, did you also discover you forgot to pack your sharpener?  Yikes!  It’s actually more dangerous to use a dull knife, but what can you do?  Our friend John, the Intense Angler, in conjunction with Sierra Trading Post shows you five different ways you can sharpen your dull knife when you don’t have a sharpener with you.  The first two ideas assume that you’re camping fairly close to the vehicle that brought you there.  The other three are simple ideas that will work in a pinch.  And lastly John shows you how to take the rough edges off your newly sharpened knife with a clever trick for stropping.

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