3 Odd Home Décor DIYs That Will Get Your Creative Juices Flowing (Video)


What do toilet paper rolls, tongue depressors and army men have in common?  All of them can be turned into home décor that you, your family and your guests will love.  Following the suggestions of Andy of Mist8k in his short video, you’ll see how easy it is to make these odd things become something you’ll be proud to make and share.

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How To Turn Wood Coasters Into A Chic Light! (Video)


Need a new accent light?  Got any wood coasters around the house you’re not using?  With a few LED lights you can make those coasters into one of the coolest accent lamps you’ve seen in a long time.  Andy of Mist8k shows you how easy it is to make this fun and funky decorative light.

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How To Make A Cool Accent Light Using LEDs And Sticky Tape (Video)


I love accent lights.  They add drama and pizazz to quiet spaces.  But finding one that is just right and fits your budget can be a challenge.  When I saw this cool accent light made by Andy of Mist8k I knew this light could be a perfect accent light and it’s easy to make too!

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How To Make A Lamp Out of Clothespins (Video)


While spring clothespins are good for keeping chip bags sealed and hanging up clothes, there’s really not much else you can do with them, unless, of course you’re Andy of Mist8K.  In this fun little video Andy shows you how he created a very cool looking art deco lamp using spring clothespins, hot glue and LED lights.

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How To Make A Glow Box Lamp (Video)


Want a simple to make lamp that adds ambiance to the room?  Why not make a glow box lamp?  In this short, clever video from Andy of Mist8K you’ll see how to put together a lovely little glow box that gives off a soft warming light that’s perfect for snuggling in on the sofa.

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