$5 + 10 Minutes = Fabulously, Sparkly Patriotic Wreath!


Just can’t stay out of those dollar stores!  So as I was roaming around in one the other day inspiration struck.  All that shiny red, white and blue garland and lots of sparkly decorations came together (in my mind) as the perfect, easy to make, super inexpensive patriotic wreath.  And I’m not kidding about easy to make.

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How To Make A Gorgeous Patriotic Wreath!


If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know that I discovered geomesh fabric along with its many potential decorating uses a few months ago.  You also know that I love fast, easy to do projects.  I don’t have much patience for intricate details and fiddlybits.

Way back in the beginning of the year I created my version of a sunburst mesh fabric wreath without using a wire frame.  I explained how I did that in this post:  I Lied – THIS Has To Be The Prettiest And Easiest To Make Wreath Ever!  That post has been shared over a thousand times. Thank you all!  I loved how it turned out; so much so that I can’t stop making them.  Seriously.  I can’t stop making them.  I love how easy they are to make and I love how showy they look.

So of course, you know what’s coming on the next page – yep, my patriotic versions of my prettiest wreath ever. I have 2 different versions; both are made with Christmas mesh fabric.

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