Poison Ivy! How To Stop The Itch Fast AND How To Never Get It Again! (Videos)


Do you get poison ivy?  Whenever I do it always seems to escalate quickly.  Before I know it, it has spread all over.  A few years ago I had so much poison ivy rash on my legs and arms that as I was going through airport security the TSA agents pulled me aside because the rash flagged theirs scanners.  I showed them the rash on my arms and gladly offered to pull up my loose fitting slacks so they could see my legs but they said they’d seen enough, quickly backed away from me and waved me on through.  I had gone to my doctor two days before our trip to get relief from that outbreak.  He proscribed a high powered steroid that did get rid of the itch and eventually the rash but it had the very interesting side effect of speeding my metabolism up so much that I didn’t sleep for over 72 hours.  That was the trip that my husband complimented me on how well packed and prepared we were.

Because of my subsequent high blood pressure and high eye pressure issues (See: The Terrible Side Effect Of High Blood Pressure Your Doctor Doesn’t Think To Mention) I can no longer take high doses of steroids.  But even if I could take them, I would still use a natural alternative because steroids are so not good for you no matter how seldom you take them.

Since then I done my very best to stay away from poison ivy but occasionally I pick up a few little spots now and then.  Just this last weekend I somehow connected again with poison ivy.  So I did a bit of research and found 2 very different videos that address the poison ivy issue.  The first video from Kelly from Primally Inspired shows you how to treat the itch and get rid of the rash fast.  The second video from Extreme Deer Habitat shows you how to never get infected with poison ivy again.  Both are well worth your time.

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