Stop The Assault! How To Reduce Your Salt Intake With These Simple Tips (Video)


So you’ve found that perfect recipe online, the one you have been searching for non-stop.  You hurry off to the grocery store and run back to your kitchen to get cooking.  You’re beyond excited to taste what will likely be the best meal of your life, but you are instead hit by an overbearing wave of salt which ruins the whole meal.  Sound familiar?  Well, Chef John over at Food Wishes has you covered.  He perfectly explains how to avoid such devastating food disasters in his quick, informative video.

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6 Ways Good Old Table Salt Cleans Stubborn Stains (Video)


I love salt.  Even the most awful dish can be made somewhat edible with salt as my husband learned during our first few years together.  Did you know that table salt also does a fantastic job of cleaning stubborn stains?  Melissa of Clean My Space has created a new video showing 6 different ways that table salt comes to the rescue, from removing red wine stains to cleaning stains off your stainless steel (yes, that’s a bit odd but we all know stainless steel can stain).

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Should You Salt Your Food At The Beginning Or The End Of The Cooking Process? (Video)


Did you know that when you salt your food as you cook it makes a big difference in how good it tastes?  I didn’t know that.  Dan at America’s Test Kitchen decided to test whether conventional wisdom and culinary school teachings of salting at the beginning of cooking is correct.  You’ll like what he found.

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Should You Salt Your Food At The Beginning Or The End Of The Cooking Process? (Video)